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Custom Neon & LED Signs

AVI Design located in Bloomfield, NJ develops unique and engaging signs, awnings, neon, and handcrafted solutions tailored for each client.

Top Rated LED & Neon Sign Company

Over 20 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality LED signs and Neon signs for commercial and residential customers.

Custom Made Neon & LED Signs

Neon / LED signs are a powerful tool for your business. They catch the eye, establish a memorable brand identity, highlight key messages, create a unique atmosphere, and can work 24/7 to draw customers, making your business stand out effortlessly.

Moreover, they’re not just for businesses; consider them for weddings, anniversaries, fraternity events, and more. Neon / LED lights add a touch of magic, creating unforgettable moments and lasting memories for any occasion.

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LED Signs & lights

Largest selection of colors, programmable, energy efficient and lightweight. Our most popular solution for signs and awnings

Neon signs

Neon is a very popular solution for open signs, window signs, retro style solutions, channel letter lightning and more.


There are two types of neon signs: the traditional Glass Neon (retro neon sign) and the new energy-efficient LED neon (our AVIFlexTM Neon). The difference is in the materials glass vs. plastic, glass being more fragile and costly. As well as the light source (gas vs. led). We carry both options to suit your needs but always recommend the safer AVIFlexTM Neon.

We offer the traditional glass neon signs and the new energy-efficient LED neon signs (our AVIFlexTM Neon).

We can customize your neon sign to any color. Our AVIFlexTM Neon signs can also come in multiple color combinations controlled via wireless remote control and product effects such as flash, fade, smooth, and strobe. For custom applications we can also add a sound detection module so the color or pattern changes with the beat.

Yes, we carry outdoor neon signs.

Yes, we offer professional installation for all our neon signs.

The cost of a neon sign depends on the size, material (glass vs. LED), and options. Request a free estimate.

Depending on the type of neon sign they are powered by a transformer or battery.

For glass neon signs, we recommend they are in an area that is protected as they are made of glass and fragile. Our  AVIFlexTM Neon is made of high quality plastic and is more durable and forgiving. 

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